Shootout At The Un-OK Corral

Shootout At The Un-OK Corral

If you’ve been following along, you will know there are many groups and individuals trying to stop the endless culls and captures, legal and otherwise, of our Alberta wild horses. One of those groups previously mentioned, is Help Alberta Wildies (HAW).

I have provided assistance, independently, and at arm’s length, to this group over the last 2 years, to help the wildies. Several projects currently being brought forward needed input, so a meeting was called, to get together on June 16, 2015.

One of the items discussed at the meeting, was a proposal to form a Board, to remove the decision making process from one person, and place it in the hands of several. Any matters being put forward would then be voted on, and personalities would be removed from the decision making process. Several very good people had already walked away after having clashes with HAW, and this seemed to be a good way to prevent further losses. All present seemed to be on the same page, including HAW, and the meeting ended on a positive note. Little did we know at this point in time, what the real problem was, but it was about to rear its ugly head.

The next morning, those at the meeting, received the following email:

From: Darrell Glover
Sent: June 17, 2015 5:38 PM
To: ;
Subject: Important Notice from HAW

Notice from Darrell Glover June 17, 2015

As a result of recent developments, and for reasons unspecified, effectively immediately, I will be withdrawing from further participation in the group advocacy.
It is with best wishes, that I hope an advocacy on behalf of the wild horses continues, but it would have to be done so, under a different name and group.
Help Alberta Wildies, is a registered trade name, and will remain as a Facebook page only.
As of today, I have purchased another aircraft, primarily for private flying, but will continue to offer aerial support to wild horse advocates, when possible and required.
My fight for public awareness regarding the plight of the wild horses has not been in vain, and it is important that they still have a voice. My future support will be in the background and on a smaller scale.
Everyones’ support has been greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Darrell Glover

No one seemed to know what was going on, as emails sent by others to HAW asking for an explanation, were ignored. I continued to work on several other projects I have going for the wildies.

It has now come to light, through the exchange of rapid gun fire, and close bayonet fighting between myself and HAW, that HAW considered itself to be in complete control of all those working “under the HAW banner”. HAW viewed the suggestions and discussions from the meeting of June 16th, and in particular, my proposals personally, as well as others, as attempts to usurp control from it. Therefore, HAW was removing itself, and would no longer participate in group advocacy.

Over the course of the 3 hour meeting, HAW had every opportunity to air its’ views and bring these things out into the open. Instead, it sat back and led everyone to believe that all was good and moving forward. There were 20 items on the Agenda of the June 16th meeting. Many of those initiatives had been developed slowly, through hard work and networking and were now ready to move forward to make a positive difference for our Alberta wild horses. Every last one of those initiatives were tossed aside by HAW, and all the time and effort of all those involved in gathering that information to help the wild horses, was casually thrown away. All this because one man felt threatened of losing control.

HAW did not get to where it is today by itself, or through the work of just one man. Many of its successes come from the work, effort, and sacrifice of individuals working independently, and under their own control and direction. It has become apparent to me that, while HAW was content to accept the credit and benefit from the success others brought to it, it was another matter entirely, for it to acknowledge that these successes were not controlled by HAW. To HAW, control is paramount.

In a private email received from HAW, I have been accused of trying to hijack HAW for my own personal agendas, and the agendas of my friends.

…..”Then, people such as yourself, and a few of your friends, all started with the personal agendas. And you wanted to use the HAW venue……”

There were many rude, and crude personal attacks, and many accusations, all unfounded, and all invented. I have the proof. The simple fact of the matter is, HAW felt threatened.

The email of June 17th is now explained to all.

There have been other individuals who have received the same treatment as I have from HAW. HAW is perfectly within its’ right to decide which individuals it wants to work with, no problem there. The problem lies in the deceit, manipulation, personal attacks, the deliberate maligning of someone’s character, and the unfounded and invented excuses used to justify its actions.

The Government has refused to work with HAW. WHOAS has refused to work with HAW, and it is the wild horses, once again, that are going to pay the price for this.

One of the drums HAW has been beating over the last 2 years, is complete transparency. There is no transparency here. HAW had 3 hours at the meeting of June 16th to be transparent, and instead it manipulated everyone. HAW had another opportunity to be transparent in its June 17th email, and again, failed to do so.

I continue to work on behalf of the wildies, as I have from the beginning, independently, and under my own control and direction. For me, the horses are paramount.

September 18, 2015