Part 3 – Divide and Conquer

Our Battle with ESRD – Part 3

Divide and Conquer

Part 3-1
It was ESRD’s intention to cause a rift with all the wildies groups. Divide and conquer has been a long time strategy of those who want to keep control. It worked! They found the weak link, and in one fell swoop, ousted the strong defenders of our wildies and replaced them with someone they could control.

Part 3-2It has always been my personal opinion that ESRD want the horses gone. I mean, completely GONE! Oh yes, they claim they only want to control their numbers to what the range can support, but they don’t actually know what the range can support, nor do they have any intention of finding out. That would box them in, and they want room to maneuver so they can remove the wildies from our Public Lands. They give priority to commercial interests, as they can sit back and reap in the money from those things. Our wildies have ended up costing them a great deal of time and money, and that just isn’t in their plans.

So how does ESRD do that without being obvious, because if they are obvious, the horse petters are going to get loud again and make them look bad. Sure can’t have that! Here’s how. You appear to be softening your approach, by allowing a trial contraception program in one area and, at the same time, you allow wildies to be harvested in other areas. How brilliant is that!! This has just been confirmed by WHOAS in their latest posting.

It has now come to light that WHOAS has been given the go ahead for the PZP contraception program in the Eastern 1/3rd of the Sundre Equine Area for 5 years. (See MOU – WHOAS/ESRD under Miscellaneous Documents). A recent radio announcement indicated that up to 30 mares will be targeted for darting. According to the MOU signed by WHOAS/ESRD, captures and culls are allowed in all zones, including the 4 PZP trial areas in the Sundre Zone. ESRD clearly states throughout this document, that they reserve the right to remove wild horses at all times. Let me be clear on this….even if the PZP trial program proves to be successful at controlling wild horse numbers, ESRD can still issue culls at its discretion. There is absolutely no protection for the wild horses. ESRD has clearly demonstrated throughout the years that culling is their preferred method of dealing with the wild horses, and just 2 months after signing the MOU, ESRD issued a cull for 60+ horses in the Ghost Equine Zone. It has also come to light that while this contraception program is going on, horses wandering onto private property, will be captured and removed by WHOAS. ESRD has told WHOAS that if, and when, ESRD decides there are still too many wild horses in the Sundre Zone, WHOAS will remove those wildies forever and will be allowed to sell them. Why would anyone sign a document agreeing to reduce wild horse births, agreeing to cull wild horses when ordered to do so, and agreeing to captures and culls in all areas, including the trial PZP areas? Are any of these methods considered preserving wild horses on our Public Lands? If you continually prevent births, continually remove young horses, continually remove herds from all areas, what will be left?

Can someone explain why a wildie wandering onto private property isn’t just turned around and headed back out onto Public Land? Why is it necessary to remove the horse(s) completely? What if that particular horse was a darted mare? What then? How can you keep track of the contraception program if horses are going to be captured and removed? More importantly, why is capture and removal still an option? Wasn’t the contraception program introduced to stop these indiscriminate removals from taking place? Also, why would it be necessary to issue another cull with the contraception program in place?

Part 3-6
Here’s another very troubling aspect of all these horses being removed. They cannot sustain themselves with such low numbers. They won’t be able to reproduce fast enough to replace lost members in harsh conditions, but even worse than that, they will become inbred and die out. Again, in my personal opinion, their numbers are already too low at around 850. In the U.S. they are concerned about herds becoming inbred with numbers lower than 150/herd. In Alberta, we have micro-herds of one stud and one mare!!!

Didn’t we just finish fighting for these things?? Why isn’t WHOAS telling ESRD no more captures or culls, due to the PZP Program?? Oh, I forgot…WHOAS has never and will never, stand up and do what is necessary to defend our wildies! There is no leadership here, only someone who follows ESRD orders.

This very issue of someone making decisions about our wildies, without consultation and approval of the General Public, is what started this entire battle with ESRD back in January, 2014. Now, several months later, we have, once again, someone making decisions regarding the care and control of our wildies, without consulting the General Public.

WHOAS was the liaison between the other groups and ESRD. They were never in charge of this Program. They were falsely put there by ESRD, as ESRD was under the impression they were not part of the rabble rousers ESRD wanted to be rid of. Little did they know WHOAS was a willing and participating part of the rabble rousers from the very beginning. I wonder what ESRD will do when they discover they’ve been duped?

There are a number of people out there claiming we should be grateful the PZP Program is going ahead, and that we should just turn a blind eye to the dirty dealings. Honesty and integrity are willingly sacrificed, and right and wrong clearly have no place here. The end justifies the means. These are the people you have left in charge of our wildies. The end result is that you now have 2 parties in control of the wildies, and both parties, due to their actions, are completely untrustworthy. We’ve already had years of mistrust and manipulation. We are still faced with the same scenario!

If everyone truly had the wildies best interests foremost, you would fight for strong, trustworthy, leadership. Instead, you settled for a dictatorship, with ZERO input from the General Public.

Part 3-8

November 27, 2014