Part 1 – Our Battle with ESRD

Our Battle with ESRD – Part 1

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Update July 6, 2017: When it was first announced, on January 14, 2014, that the Alberta Government had issued 196 Capture Permits for wild horses to be removed from Public Lands, the first responders to take action, were Ken Mcleod, and Lawrence and Bunnie Harasym. These 3 people were out in the back country weeks before anyone else arrived. They took measures to keep the wild horses from being trapped and shipped to slaughter. They did this without fanfare, or announcing it to anyone. Their goal was to save wild horses, not get their names in the newspapers. I was aware of their efforts and had included all that information, along with several photos, but when I asked their permission to post that information, no one saw my message. I had to pull everything until I had spoken with them, and received their permission to inform the General Public. The record is finally set straight. Thank you Ken, Lawrence and Bunnie.


Part 1-1January 21, 2014, was Black Tuesday for hundreds of us in Alberta. That was the day the Alberta Provincial Government informed the general public that it was issuing Capture Permits for 196 of our free roaming wild horses in the Sundre area of Alberta. But, let me go back a little way. In June, 2013, Alberta was hit with the worst floods in its history, and in early December Alberta received a relatively early and very heavy snowfall with temperatures dropping and staying cold. Our wild horses were struggling trying to paw through belly deep snow to find grass and many new foals were lost. One foal was found, completely exhausted and near death, laying in a snow drift. His herd had moved on without him in search of food, and he was left to his fate. He was spotted by two people and telephone calls were made and a rescue team pulled, lifted and carried him onto a trailer. He was taken to a nearby barn and received immediate medical attention and, after a few rough days and nights, started to improve. He was named Kai, and he became our mascot for what was about to come.


We’d heard rumors from various parties involved in trying to protect the wild horses, that a capture was going to be allowed this year. Bob Henderson of WHOAS, (Wild Horses of Alberta Society) had been posting on his website that he suspected a capture was imminent, and another man, Darrell Glover, who lives in the Olds area, and our official “Eye in the Sky”, had been flying over the previous capture sites keeping an eye out for any sign of capture pens and roads being plowed out. Sandie Hucal, who runs Free Spirit Sanctuary, and I had been discussing it on-line and decided to each do a postcard campaign targeting the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD), the Provincial Ministry responsible for the (mis)management of our wild horses. Both campaigns were very successful with around 3,000 postcards being sent into Minister Robin Campbell requesting no capture be allowed this year, and that our wild horses receive Heritage or Protected Status. It all fell on deaf ears.


On January 19, 2014, Darrell spotted a freshly plowed road at a site in the Williams Creek area, previously used by Jason Bradley, a former Capture Permit Holder. Part 1-2The picture was posted on-line and everyone was asked to network and write, email, phone and fax ESRD and ask if any Permits had been issued this year. We all did and were each told that, “No Permits issued at this time”. ESRD was questioned about the plowed out road spotted by Darrell, but all answers were the same, “No Permits issued at this time”. We knew we were being lied to, and then on January 21st, in the early afternoon, an announcement was made that 196 wild horses were to be culled from the herds and that 3 Capture Permits had been issued, one of them purchased by Jason Bradley.


Jason Bradley is known in the area as he has participated in other captures. He is also on the Feral Horse Advisory Committee, so in effect, voted for himself to obtain a Permit. Does that sound like conflict of interest? We thought so too, but again, all our letters, emails, phone calls and faxes were ignored and the capture went ahead. ESRD tries to wash its hands of the wild horses, by saying that once captured, a wild horse becomes the property of the Capture Permit Holder and can be disposed of any way the Permit Holder decides. Jason, has in the past, sent many of the horses he captures to slaughter. He tears the young foals away from their mothers, and occasionally will keep a stallion for resale, but the majority, including heavily pregnant mares, are sold to a local kill buyer and are shipped to slaughter.


Darrell opened up a Facebook page, entitled Help Alberta Wildies, so that we could easily communicate and pass on information. Kai’s picture was posted on the page as this was what we were fighting for, and protests were organized, with two being held in Calgary, one in Edmonton, and another in Red Deer. The four protests were well attended with media present at each. A petition was started on-line and received over 20,000 signatures in less than a month. ESRD was interviewed and asked for the reasons for a capture this year, and told everyone, the wild horses have no predators and their numbers were ballooning out of control; it was thought there was a high infection rate of Equine Infectious Anemia in the herds; and the horses were eating all the grass that was intended for wildlife and cattle. Does any of this sound familiar?


We knew the wild horse numbers were already down due to the floods and harsh winter, and many attempts were made over the months to get ESRD to postpone the capture until another count could be done proving there was no need to remove any more horses. Part 1-3Again, we were ignored. Darrell began flying the areas with a team of counters on board, and confirmed the horse numbers were down. The capture went ahead despite all our efforts, so we took action. Groups were organized to drop hay away from the capture pen and up into the hills where the wild horses would be safe. Other people were driving skidoos up the plowed out road checking on the pen. Groups of walkers could be seen out on any given day. Somehow, a previously open gate onto our Public Lands, became locked, trying to keep us out. Imagine those silly people trying to keep us off our Public Lands! We stepped it up again. Each effort to block us, only resulted in renewed determination.


As we were being denied any information on whether or not any horses had been captured, Shannon Mann (of Whale Wars), made the decision to camp just inside the locked gate so that she would know when Jason came and went, and if he had captured any horses. Shannon was out there 24 hrs. a day and spent night after night in a tent in -30+ weather. We all take our hats off to her! Shannon was reporting in each day and unfortunately Jason managed to capture 12 horses. Part 1-4He was annoyed that the horses were nowhere near the capture pen and he hadn’t been able to capture his quota of 42 horses, so instead of selling what he called, the undesirable older horses to one of the numerous people who had asked to purchase and save them, he sold 3 mares to a kill buyer and they were sent to slaughter. Three other horses were caught by another Permit Holder, Bryn Thiessen, and were sold to WHOAS, and they are receiving training and will be homed soon. The third Permit Holder never did pick up his permit. Probably didn’t want any of the bad publicity that Jason Bradley was getting! As mentioned, Jason was extremely annoyed with us and had repeatedly gone to the RCMP claiming we were tampering with things, which wasn’t true, and the RCMP made it clear they were tired of having to come out each day to check things and they wanted the capture finished. The RCMP had previously been secretly recorded saying they wanted all the wild horses off Public Land and they even voted on the Feral Horse Advisory Committee to remove them. The RCMP arrived and ordered Shannon to move her camp. Again, this is Public Land and anyone has a right to be there. She asked where she should move to and was given 3 completely different answers by 3 different people. Clearly, the RCMP were making things up as they went along.


In the meantime, Shannon had called for Darrell to come and assist her to move the camp, other people had arrived to take pictures of the capture pen, and others were just out walking. Darrell picked up a few people walking along the roadway to the capture pen, and the RCMP seeing them all arrive together, assumed they were all part of the “troublemakers” and ended up arresting 5 people and charged them with Mischief. Four of these people are senior citizens, one a tiny frail lady in her 70’s that uses a walker to get around with. She was brutally taken down from behind and face-planted in the snow. All 5 people were held for several hours before being charged and released. We affectionately christened them the “Mischief Makers” and Mona Jorgenson organized a fund raiser for them to help cover their legal fees. The Crown Prosecutor has yet to appear in Court, so it is not known at this time if charges will be dropped, but it seems pretty certain that charges are being brought against the RCMP for abuse of force. They are to appear early next week and perhaps we will be able to move forward from that.


Along the way, someone invited Jann Arden to join our fight and through Jann, we met Dr. Judith Samson-French, a veterinarian in Bragg Creek, who started Dogs With No Names, a scientific pilot program working to reduce the number of homeless dogs on First Nations reserves in southern Alberta through the use of contraceptive implants. Dr. Samson-French began telling us of a Part 1-5contraceptive vaccine available for mares, called PZP, and we thought this would be an excellent way to manage the wild horse numbers, and would certainly be a more humane way than tearing herds apart and sending horses to slaughter. Jann signed hundreds of pictures provided by Duane Starr Photography, and the funds raised from the sale of those pictures would fund the vaccine needed for a pilot project of initially 18 mares on the contraception program. WHOAS generously offered to pay for dart guns and darts, and all man/woman power needed to dart, track and monitor the 18 targeted mares, would be provided by volunteers. Bob Henderson had already been working on a Rescue/Adoption Facility for any wild horses caught that needed rehoming and Bob presented these two humane options to ESRD. The last meeting between the Committee and ESRD took place just a few days ago, and unfortunately, ESRD seems to be leaning toward another capture at the end of this year. Hard to believe anyone would choose a cruel and inhumane approach to managing numbers, rather than adoption and contraception, completely funded by private citizens. Does it sound to you like there is something we aren’t being told?


We think so too. We are insisting that the Feral Horse Advisory Committee, which is a Committee set up by ESRD, and all Stakeholders on the Committee are hand picked by ESRD, be balanced and fair. Currently, there is only one voice speaking on behalf of the wild horses, that being Bob Henderson of WHOAS. All other Stakeholders are pro-slaughter, and each and every one of them voted in favor of a Capture Season, knowing, and some even hoping, that horses would be sent to slaughter. Bill des Barres, front man for Bouvry Meats, and founding member of Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (HWAC) which is nothing more than a fast-track to slaughter, is also a Director of the Alberta Equestrian Federation. The remaining Stakeholders are self-interest groups who want the horses removed, as they claim they eat all the grass for the wildlife that they want to kill in hunting season, or are Forestry, who are tired of the wild horses getting in their way of making money on our Public Lands. Here is the current Feral Horse


Advisory Committee:

Feral Horse Stakeholder List 2014:

Alberta Equestrian Foundation

Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada

Alberta Farm Animal Care Association

Alberta Fish and Game Association

Alberta Professional Outfitters Society

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association

Alberta Wilderness Association

Capture License Holders

Livestock Identification Services Ltd.

Rangeland Expert at the University of Alberta

RCMP Livestock Investigator

Rocky Mountain Forest Range Association

Spray Lake Sawmills

Sundre Forest Products

Wild Horses of Alberta Society


The “red herring” put forward by ESRD of the wild horses being infected with Equine Infectious Anemia, turned out to be just that. We weren’t at all surprised, as Equine Infectious Anemia is a reportable disease, and no cases have been reported in that area, but it sure was fun watching ESRD scramble around trying to get out of it. As for the wild horses having no predators…..well, we kinda think the cougars, wolves, bears, packs of coyotes and especially MAN, take their toll on them. A special Permit was obtained for little Kai, and he will spend the rest of his days with his rescuers. We have also requested that ESRD stop calling our wild horses “feral”, as many of them have been DNA tested and are shown to have distinct DNA, not found in domesticated horses. One of ESRD’s favorite stories is how all the wild horses are domestic barnyard escapees. It’s just one of the ways they keep the “hate” going.


Our story in Canada is almost identical to your story in the U.S. We have been lied to and mislead by our Government. We are labeled as “bleeding heart horse petters”, our “vegan brains protein starved”, “we all live in condos in the city”, and we “don’t know nuthin bout hosses”. Our wild horses are called “feral invasive pests” and the remaining herds of 880 are destroying the rangeland and gobbling all the grass intended for the 40,000 head of cattle, who are on grazing permits on our Public Lands. ESRD claims the Advisory Committee doesn’t actually “vote” but rather makes “recommendations” as to what is to be done each year. We asked, since ESRD has hand-picked this, “ain’t no conflict here” Committee, and stacked it with pro-slaughter “kill dem hosses and squeeze every last cent outta dem”, gun totten “gotta bag me some deer”, “want the cheap grass for their cattle grazing permit holders”, how any recommendation could possibly be anything else BUT capture and slaughter? We’ve asked how the 3 mares, killed within days of capture, and confirmed by Jason Bradley, managed to slip through the Government’s “guaranteed safe, ain’t no tainted meat here”, mandatory 6 month holding period where no medical records are available, and we’ve asked what was put on the Equine Information Document our Government swears prevents tainted meat getting into the food chain. Another thing that came to light, is that ESRD admits they have no true information about what effect, if any, the wild horses have on the rangeland, nor can they state how many horses the environment can sustain, but that doesn’t stop them from issuing Capture Permits! No answers have been forthcoming to our questions.

Part 1-6

We are determined to continue to be a voice for our wild horses. We are asking that the contraception program be given a fair trial, and Bob and WHOAS are working on opening a Rescue/Adoption facility. We are prepared to do whatever is necessary to prevent another cruel and inhumane capture season. Plans are already underway and if ESRD thought we were a pain in the backside this year, just wait till they see what we can do with several months to organize. Maybe ESRD thinks we’re kidding…….HA!

May 12, 2014